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General information

Where can buy tokens?

Token information

βœ… Official website: https://strips.finance​
βœ… Whitepaper: https://bit.ly/3AcVST7​
βœ… STRP Contract: 0x97872EAfd79940C7b24f7BCc1EADb1457347ADc9
βœ… Official twitter: https://twitter.com/StripsFinance​
βœ… Official telegram: https://t.me/stripsfi
βœ… Official telegram announcements: https://t.me/Strips_Finance
βœ… Official discord group: https://discord.gg/xuvGUdC6Cb​
βœ… Official reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/StripsFinance/​
βœ… Official medium: https://strips-finance.medium.com/​

About STRP token

When was the token launch?

Our native $STRP token was launched on Oct 13, 2021 on MISO and Polkastarter.

What price was the IDO?

The IDO was completed on MISO at $5 and Polkastarter at $2.

What is the tokenomics?

Check out our whitepaper https://bit.ly/3bzIYUw​

Where can I buy the token?

What is the current market cap?

Is there a chart of the price?

Wen Binance / Wen listing?

When the time comes.

Wen moon?

Zoom out.

About Strips

What is Strips?

Strips is a decentralised interest rate derivatives exchange. The first of its kind.
Read more in our whitepaper https://bit.ly/3AcVST7​

What chain(s) will you launch on?

We are initially launching on Arbitrum and subsequently on BSC. We are actively exploring other L2 sidechains and any feedback is welcome.

When will mainnet be launched?

We are targeting mainnet launch in late November 2021.


We have gotten audits from Certik and are currently undergoing audit by Peckshield. More audits are on the way.

Team info?

Our team are a group of semi-anon builders and financial professionals who have reached the pinnacle of their respective industries.
We want users to focus on the product, and we do not build to stroke the egos of the founders (i.e. Justin Sun). Judge us by our product, and not just by our (amazing) background.

When can I stake?

There will be staking available once we launch our mainnet soon.

When is the testnet rewards?

The testnet rewards will be announced after November 15th.
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