Insurance Fund
The insurance fund ensures the smooth operation and continued robustness of our Strips Exchanges. The insurance fund is our first line of defense when the AMM is undercapitalised to pay traders. Based on our 800+ market simulations and 14,000,000 different parameter combinations, we did not encounter a situation where the AMM needed the insurance pool. However, in order to maintain the highest level of confidence and integrity of our markets, we have built the insurance pool to be a resilient and core pillar of our risk management system.

How does the insurance fund make money?

When a trader is liquidated by the auto-liquidation engine, a small fee is paid to the insurance fund. Additionally, the insurance pool receives 5% of all trading fees and AMM realised pnl.

Staking in Insurance

Step 1

Go to the Insurance tab. Click on the (+) icon.

Step 2

Enter the amount you would like to stake.

Step 3

Confirm the transaction in your wallet.
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