Profit/Loss Guide

Funding PnL

Your funding PnL is calculated based on your entry price and the reference floating yield.
You are currently long a swaps position from 1.6%, the current deposit rate for USDC on AAVE is 2.4%. You would receive (2.4% - 1.6%)/365 = 0.00219% funding each day.
If the deposit rate for USDC on AAVE changes to 8.8%, you would receive (8.8% - 1.6%)/365 = 0.019726% funding each day.

Trade PnL

Trade PnL is calculated based on the difference between your entry and exit prices:
TradeΒ Pnl=Notionalβˆ—(exitΒ priceβˆ’entryΒ price)Trade\space Pnl=Notional*(exit\space price - entry\space price)

Total PnL

Your total PnL is the sum of trade PnL and funding PnL:
TotalΒ Pnl=TradeΒ Pnl+FundingΒ PnlTotal\space Pnl = Trade\space Pnl + Funding\space Pnl
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